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Signal Boosters & Accessories

Signal Boosters & Accessories

weBoost 304415 4G-OTR Trucker Edition Antenna, 17"
17" tall; High-performance, weather-resistant construction; Omnidirectional; 700MHz-900MHz/1,710MHz-2,270MHz/1,850MHz-2,160MHz; 50ohm ; Max input power: 50W; Vertical polarization; 3/8"x24 thread; Includes 2 mast...
Wilson Electronics 314411 50ohm Wide-Band Directional Antenna
For outdoor use; 700MHz-2,700MHz bands; Works well on all cellular bands for voice & 4G data: LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS; Built for building...
Wilson Electronics 314475 4G Wideband Directional Antenna with F-Female Connector
Directional; 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1,990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; Designed for building exterior installation & should be directed at cell tower for best signal; High efficiency &...
Wilson Electronics 311125 Magnet-Mount Antenna
Omnidirectional; 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1,990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; 50ohm ; Vertical polarization; 12.25" tall; Rare earth magnet; Includes 12.5ft RG174 coaxial cable with SMA-male connector &...
Wilson Electronics 304424 4G Commercial Outdoor Omnidirectional Cellular Antenna
Compatible with 4G LTE/3G signal boosters & all US cellular carriers; Connects to 50ohm cellular phone signal boosters & modems...
Wilson Electronics 304422 4G Omnidirectional Plus Building Antenna (50ohm ; N-female)
Compatible with 4G LTE/3G signal boosters & all US & Canadian cellular carriers; High-gain 4G cellular signal output ; 9.8";...
Wilson Electronics 301126 4G Mini Magnetic Antenna with SMA-Male Connector
Omnidirectional; 50ohm ; Low profile--4.175" tall; Transferable between vehicles ; Rare earth magnet; Vertical polarization; Covers 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; Includes 12.5ft of...
Wilson Electronics 314401 4G Low-Profile In-Vehicle Cellular Antenna
Ideal for weBoost multi-user vehicle boosters like Drive 4G-X(TM), 4G-M(TM) & Drive 3G-X(TM) & 3G-M(TM); For in-vehicle use only; Omnidirectional;...
weBoost 314418 Drive Reach Replacement Mag-Mount Antenna
High-strength, magnetic-base, cellular antenna; Low profile ; Easy to move ; Low-loss coaxial cable terminated with SMB connector ; Works...
Browning BR-2430 4G/3G LTE, Wi-Fi, Cellular Pretuned Low-Profile NMO Antenna, 5 1/2" Tall
For mobile or fixed base applications ; 150W ; NMO mounting ; Mount sold separately ; 698MHz-960MHz, 6dBi-13dBi gain ;...
weBoost 850012 5-Volt 4-Amp AC/DC Power Supply
2.5mm x 5.5mm x 11mm DC larger plug; Ideal for use with weBoost Connect RV 65;
Wilson Electronics 311155 4G Wall-Mount Panel Antenna with F-Female Connector
Directional; 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1,990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; 75ohm ; Max power: 15W; Vertical polarization; Built-in ground plane; Dim: 8.27"H x 7.09"W x 1.73"D; Includes 9...
Wilson Electronics 309909-75F 75ohm Single Antenna Expansion Kit
Splits the output of existing weBoost in-building cellular amp kit to an additional area ; Provides extra signal coverage with...
Wilson Electronics 304412 4G LTE/3G High-Performance Wideband Dome Ceiling Antenna (50ohm )
Omnidirectional; 698MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-2,700MHz; 50ohm ; Up to 5.1dB gain; Ceiling mount; Easy to install in home or office; Connects to building...
weBoost 314419 Drive Reach In-Vehicle Antenna with SMB Connector
Replacement antenna for Drive Reach and Drive Reach Fleet cellular boosters ; Long coaxial cable allows for custom installations; Coaxial...
Tram BR-2422 Pretuned NMO Dual-Band Antenna
Pretuned; No tuning needed; 100 watt power rating; 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz with 3 dBi gain; 4.9 - 5.9...
Wilson Electronics 304419 4G LTE/3G High-Performance Wideband Dome Ceiling Antenna (75ohm )
Omnidirectional; 698MHz-986MHz/1,710MHz-2,700MHz; 75ohm ; Max input power: 50W ; Vertical polarization; White ABS radome; Includes 12" RG6 pigtail with F-female...
weBoost 970019 SMA Female to SMB Plug Adapter
Allows Wilson and weBoost cellular antennas with coaxial cable terminated with an SMA male connector to be used with a...
Wilson Electronics 971128 Cellular Booster Accessory (N-Male to F-Female Connector)
N-Male to F-Female connector; For use in joining components of cell phone signal-booster kits;
weBoost 850020 Drive Reach 12-Volt DC Power Cord
High-current power cord for weBoost Drive Reach ; Accessory plug preinstalled on 1 end ; Fused for protection ; Long...
Wilson Electronics 314453 50ohm 4G Outdoor Pole-Mount Panel Antenna
Up to +10.6dB across all cellular frequencies; 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1850MHz-1,990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz/2,170MHz-2,700MHz; 50ohm ; Max power: 50W; Vertical polarization; Built-in ground plane; Vertically polarized...
Wilson Electronics 859913 6-Volt DC Wireless Signal-Booster Power Adapter
Converts 12V-24V DC to 6V/2A DC from vehicle's cigarette lighter port/accessory port; For powering weBoost cellular signal boosters such as...
Wilson Electronics 950650 RG6 F-Male to F-Male Low-Loss Coaxial Cable (50ft)
50ft length ; 75ohm ; F-male connectors on both ends ; Low loss ; White;
Wilson Electronics 971129 F-Female to F-Female Connector for RG6 Coaxial Cable
RF adapter connects 2 RG6 coaxial cables with F-male connectors;
weBoost 950602 RG6 75ohm Low-Loss Coaxial Cable, 2ft
Connects cellular phone amps to antennas, taps & splitters; F-male to F-male connectors; For indoor & outdoor use ; White;
Wilson Electronics 971165 SMA-Male to F-Female Connector
Joins components of cellular phone signal-booster kits ; Connects in-building antennas served with RG6 or RG11 75ohm coaxial cable to...
Wilson Electronics 971117 N-Female to N-Female Barrel Connector
N-female to N-female barrel connector ; Connects together 2 WiILSON400 coaxial cables with N-male adapters ; For use in joining...
Wilson Electronics 901117 Fixed Antenna Mounting Kit
Designed for mounting external antennas for cell phone signal boosters; Includes wall-mount bracket, 10"L x 1.5" dia aluminum pole &...
Wilson Electronics 952302 Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable (2ft)
N-male to N-male connectors; 50ohm ; 13/32" dia; Connects outside antenna to cable or surge protector; 3-year warranty from purchase;...
Wilson Electronics 952300 Wilson-400 N-Male to N-Male Coaxial Cable, 100ft (Black)
50ohm ; Works with any Wilson in-building amp equipped with N-connectors ; Connects amp to splitter, tap, indoor or outdoor...
Wilson Electronics 901143 Wall Mount for Cellular Panel Antenna
2-piece aluminum wall-bracket mounts to rear of panel antenna & wall then slides together to hold the antenna securely ;...
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