Ultralast 3-1/2AA-B 3-1/2AA-B Replacement Battery

3.6V; NiCd; Long-lasting; 400mAh ; Rechargeable; Comparable to Lenmar LENCBC316; Compatible with AT&T 24027, AT&T 4068, AT&T 4905, AT&T 4935, AT&T 4952, Belkin F8V182, BellSouth HAC33013, Gemini TA248, Helios HS-C0302,...


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3.6V; NiCd; Long-lasting; 400mAh ; Rechargeable; Comparable to Lenmar LENCBC316; Compatible with AT&T 24027, AT&T 4068, AT&T 4905, AT&T 4935, AT&T 4952, Belkin F8V182, BellSouth HAC33013, Gemini TA248, Helios HS-C0302, ITT PC 1510, ITT PC 1600, Lucent Technologies 24027, Lucent Technologies 4068, Lucent Technologies 4905, Lucent Technologies 4935, Lucent Technologies 4952, Maxell MCP3626, Northwestern Bell 3200, Panasonic KX-P372DH, Panasonic KX-T150W, Panasonic KX-T180W, Panasonic KX-T3080R, Panasonic KX-T3610, Panasonic KX-T3620, Panasonic KX-T3640, Panasonic KX-T3702, Panasonic KX-T3705, Panasonic KX-T3710, Panasonic KX-T3712, Panasonic KX-T3720, Panasonic KX-T3725, Panasonic KX-T3730, Panasonic KX-T3732, Panasonic KX-T3800, Panasonic KX-T3800R, Panasonic KX-T3805, Panasonic KX-T3807, Panasonic KX-T3822, Panasonic KX-T3822R, Panasonic KX-T3823, Panasonic KX-T3823R, Panasonic KX-T3824, Panasonic KX-T3832, Panasonic KX-T3838, Panasonic KX-T3848, Panasonic KX-T3848R, Panasonic KX-T3850R, Panasonic KX-T3855R, Panasonic KX-T3860, Panasonic KX-T3870, Panasonic KX-T3875, Panasonic KX-T3908, Panasonic KX-T3908B, Panasonic KX-T3908W, Panasonic KX-T3910, Panasonic KX-T3912, Panasonic KX-T3920, Panasonic KX-T3925, Panasonic KX-T3930, Panasonic KX-T3932, Panasonic KX-T3935, Panasonic KX-T3940, Panasonic KX-T3945, Panasonic KX-T3950, Panasonic KX-T3960, Panasonic KX-T3962, Panasonic KX-T3965, Panasonic KX-T3967, Panasonic KX-T3968, Panasonic KX-T3980, Panasonic KX-T3980R, Panasonic KX-T4108, Panasonic KX-T4109, Panasonic KX-T4168, Panasonic KX-T4169, Panasonic KX-T4200, Panasonic KX-T4200R, Panasonic KX-T4300, Panasonic KX-T4310, Panasonic KX-T4330, Panasonic KX-T4330R, Panasonic KX-T4340, Panasonic KX-T4342, Panasonic KX-T4350, Panasonic KX-T4350R, Panasonic KX-T4360, Panasonic KX-T4365, Panasonic KX-T4370, Panasonic KX-T4400, Panasonic KX-T4410, Panasonic KX-T4500, Panasonic KX-T4550, Panasonic KX-T4560, Panasonic KX-T4600, Panasonic KX-TC100, Panasonic KX-TC109, Panasonic KX-TC150, Panasonic KX-TC150W, Panasonic KX-TC155, Panasonic KX-TC157, Panasonic KX-TC160, Panasonic KX-TC165, Panasonic KX-TC170, Panasonic KX-TC170W, Panasonic KX-TC180, Panasonic KX-TC180B, Panasonic KX-TC185, Panasonic KX-TC187, Panasonic KX-TC187B, Panasonic KX-TC190, Panasonic KX-TC280, Panasonic KX-TC280B, Panasonic KX-TC282, Panasonic KX-TC289, Panasonic KX-TC410W, Panasonic KX-TC415, Panasonic KX-TC4169, Panasonic KX-TC417, Panasonic KX-TC4310, Panasonic KX-TCC106, Panasonic KX-TCC116, Panasonic KX-TCC425, Panasonic KX-TCM410, Panasonic KX-TCM412, Panasonic KX-TCM415, Panasonic KX-TCM418, Panasonic KX-TCM418B, Panasonic KX-TCM420, Panasonic KX-TCM422, Panasonic KX-TCM424, Panasonic KX-TCM440, Quasar QT-A36A, Radio Shack 23-281A, Radio Shack 43-1020, Radio Shack 43-1020A, Radio Shack 43-1036, Radio Shack 43-1047, Radio Shack 43-1049, Radio Shack 43-1049A, Radio Shack 43-1050, Radio Shack 43-1050A, Radio Shack 43-1053, Radio Shack 43-1054, Radio Shack 43-1057, Radio Shack 43-556, Radio Shack 43-564, Radio Shack 43-573, Radio Shack 43-574, Radio Shack 43-696, Radio Shack 43-696A, Radio Shack 43-698, Radio Shack 43-774, Radio Shack 43-775, Radio Shack 43-775A, Radio Shack ET 520, Radio Shack ET 547, Radio Shack ET 549, Radio Shack ET 550, Radio Shack ET 551, Radio Shack ET 553, Radio Shack ET 554, Radio Shack ET 557, Radio Shack ET 598, Radio Shack ET 696, Radio Shack TAD 1015, Radio Shack TAD 1016, Sony SPP-111, Sony SPP-205, Sony SPP-250, Sony SPP-55, Sony SPP-57, Sony SPP-58, Sony SPP-65, Sony SPP-71, Sony SPP-72, Sony SPP-73, Sony SPP-A11, Sony SPP-A110, Sony SPP-A20, Sony SPP-A250, Sony SPP-A40, Sony SPP-A400, Sony SPP-A450, Sony SPP-A57, Sony SPP-A60, Sony SPP-A700, Sony SPP-AQ120, Sony SPP-AQ150, Sony SPP-AQ25, Sony SPP-AQ500, Sony SPP-AQ600, Sony SPP-AQ700, Sony SPP-D15, Sony SPP-ID300, Sony SPP-ID400, Sony SPP-M502, Sony SPPQ-110, Sony SPPQ-120, Sony SPPQ-150, Southwestern Bell S60508, Tele-Phone TEL-5000, Tele-Phone TEL-5050, Tele-Phone TEL-6000, Tele-Phone TEL-6050, Tele-Phone TEL-7000, Toshiba FT-1000, Toshiba FT-1500, Toshiba FT-200, Toshiba FT-2000, Toshiba FT-2500, Toshiba FT-6002, Toshiba FT-6003, Toshiba FT-6003BK, Toshiba FT6004, Toshiba FT-6004, Toshiba FT-6102, Toshiba FT-6202, Toshiba FT-6203, Toshiba FT-6302, Toshiba FT-6303, Toshiba FT-6303BK, Toshiba FT-6503, Toshiba FT-6503BK, Toshiba FT-6603, Toshiba FT-7257, Toshiba FT7505, Toshiba FT-7505, Toshiba FT-7515, Toshiba FT-7515BK, Toshiba FT-7517, Toshiba FT-7807, Toshiba FT-7907, Toshiba FT-8900, Toshiba FT-9003, Toshiba FT-9003BK, Toshiba FT-9066, Toshiba FT-9506, Toshiba RC002203, Toshiba RC003029, Toshiba RC004273, Toshiba RC004362, Uniden CT-301, Uniden DX-3555, Uniden DX-3565, Uniden DX-4519, Uniden DX-4534, Uniden DX-634, Uniden DX-8200, Uniden DX-834, Uniden DX85, Uniden DX-AI685, Uniden DXI860, Uniden EX-155, Uniden EX-200, Uniden EX-400, Uniden EX-442, Uniden XC-1660, Uniden XC1665, Uniden XC-302, Uniden XC-305, Uniden XC-310, Uniden XC-312, Uniden XC-314, Uniden XC-315, Uniden XC-320, Uniden XC-330, Uniden XC-340, Uniden XC-345, Uniden XC-3510, Uniden XC-3514, Uniden XC-3515, Uniden XC-351Y, Uniden XC-3530, Uniden XC-3545, Uniden XC-365, Uniden XC-600, Uniden XC-610, Uniden XC-611, Uniden XC-615, Uniden XC-645, Uniden XC-6450, Uniden XC-645C, Uniden XC-660, Uniden XC-714, Uniden XC-716, Uniden XC-717, Uniden XC-718, Uniden XCA-4500, Uniden XCA-4510, Uniden XCA-4515, Uniden XCA-555, Uniden XCA-556, Uniden XCA-650, Uniden XCA-660, Uniden XCA-680, Uniden XCI-665, Uniden XE-355, Uniden XE-365, Uniden XE-660, Uniden XE-665, Uniden XE-667, Uniden XE-785 AT&T STB124, BellSouth TL6156, CH Batteries - CT02-400, Empire CPB-403B, Energizer P3302, GE /SANYO PCH02, General Electric BT-11, General Electric TL26156, Jasco TL96156, Lucent Technologies STB124, Panasonic KX-A36A, Panasonic P-P301, Panasonic PQP 25F 301A New, Philips SJB5192, Radio Shack 23-281, Saft STB124, SANYO 3N-270AA(SJC-1), Sony 1-528-376-31, Sony BP-T16, Toshiba TRB-6500, Uniden BBTY-0275001 & Uniden BT-185;

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